UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Fatumina Abukar wins 3-Minute-Thesis People's Award

4 July 2016

We're very pleased to announce that UCL Biochemical Engineering PhD student Fatumina was awarded the People's Award at the recent 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. Fatumina was one of three students who got through the Engineering Faculty competition and presented to the whole of UCL.

You can see a film of her presentation below, and you can also see the other winners at the UCLU 3MT page here

As PhDs we don't always have the opportunity to communicate our work to a non-specialist audience. I felt that the 3MT thesis was an excellent way to showcase my work to the wider public and to focus on the core message of my research. It was very challenging to be able to compress my entire PhD work to only 3 minutes, whilst ensuring that the public was given enough background to have a basic understanding and get excited about my research project. Overall I would strongly encourage other researchers to get involved in this competition as it is also a way to inspire others who may be interested in pursuing a career in research.