UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Biochemical Engineering vs. Chemical Engineering Tournament

22 March 2017

It’s time to battle it out on who’s the better department. Beakers and CheERs have joined forces to organise The Engineering Cup!

Don’t worry, we are not holding some big sport tournament; everyone is more than capable to participate. You just need to be in a team of 5 (the team size is fixed) and pay us £2/person (£10/team). This will give you access to DRINKS (alcoholic and soft drinks) and SNACKS, all on us! Registration deadline is set early, 14th April, so that we can get everything sorted. (Link below)

We have 10  short games lined up for you and your team mates, all 10-15min long. They are designed to test your teamwork, team communications, problem solving skills and engineering mentality. Every team will compete against a different ChemEng team in each of the 10 challenges, let’s see whether all the students teams will go easy on the staff teams eh… We sadly cannot reveal to you what these games are but hey, we are the better engineers, we will beat them no doubt!

As the name suggest there’s the Engineering Cup to play for, the winning department will receive an engraved trophy to show off their glory. In addition, the best team, i.e. the team that has excelled across all challenges, will receive the Engineering Cup Medals to take home.  

We’re still planning the day but current schedule 3pm start, 6pm award ceremony, 6.30pm onwards – PARTY!

I’ll keep this email short so for more information please visit our Facebook Event page:


To register your team please fill this the form below and find a society member to pay your registration fee!


Email Beakersociety@gmail.com if you have any queries.

Best Wishes,

Beaker Society