UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


UCL Biochemical Engineering Team on Cover of Biotechnology Journal

14 September 2016

The Biotechnology Journal (current IF 3.8) regularly publishes articles on bioprocess engineering and biochemical engineering. For the September issue, the research of the Microfluidics Group in UCL Biochemical Engineering made the cover of the Biotechnology Journal. 

The cover shows mouse embryonic stem cells proliferating in a microfluidic cell culture device created in group of Prof Szita in collaboration with Dr Veraitch, and with Dr Griffin from UCL Computer Science. The microfluidic culture device monitors the numbers of cells and the specific oxygen uptake rates (sOUR) in real time, without disruption of the cell culture and label-free. The capability to monitor oxygen tensions, cell growth, and sOUR, of adherent stem cell cultures, non-invasively and in real time, will be of significant benefit for future studies in stem cell biology and stem cell-based therapies. Details can be found in the open-access research article entitled 'Real-time monitoring of specific oxygen uptake rates of embryonic stem cells in a microfluidic cell culture device' (http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/biot.201500479) by A Super, N Jaccard et al. See also http://szitalab.weebly.com.