UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Dr Astrid Duerauer visiting Biochemical Engineering this Summer

7 June 2016

“I’ve visited London a few times as a tourist but now I get to experience living in the city, staying in Hammersmith for the summer while working at UCL.”

We are extremely pleased to offer a warm welcome to Dr Astrid Duerauer from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna who has join us as an academic visitor from 6 June until 28 August.

“I am currently a senior scientist and lecturer at the Department of Biotechnology at BOKU Vienna and deputy head of Alois Jungbauer´s working group for Protein Technology and Downstream Processing. During Nigel´s visit at BOKU last year we discussed my wish to carry out a sabbatical at UCL and so I accepted his invitation to visit the department of Biochemical Engineering for three months this summer. Since I am lecturer in bioprocess engineering and focussed on miniaturization, automation, scale up and online monitoring of downstream processes (mainly non chromatographic) I will be involved in two MBI course led by Dan Bracewell and look forward to working with Martina Micheletti on research of mixing on microscale together during my staying. Additionally, I have been in contact with Brenda Parker and Eli Keshavarz-Moore and am looking forward to working with the team here.”