UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Prof Albert Bressand


Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Dec 2017

Research summary

As Professor, Energy & International Governance, I have a two-tier yet integrated research agenda. In the energy and climate field, I follow European and global policies and how they are influenced by broader trends in European Union and global governance trends (including Brexit). Of special interest is responsible development of hydrocarbon resources--often a blind spot in energy transition analysis--notably natural gas as a transition and/or destination fuel, or not. I co-chaired a conference at the Florence School of regulation on decarbonisation policies for the "molecule" part of the mix (as opposed to the electricity part, on which present policies are centered).

On matters on international governance, drawing on my experience as high-level policy adviser at EU Commission, World Bank, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Eastern Africa, I presently take special interest in the reform of the European Union and in the ongoing but accelerating crisis of liberal democratic order institutions. The impact on climate policy is important as they epitomize a 'make the Planet Great' policies in the universalist tradition of Kant that is taken almost for granted in the European Union since the Paris COP yet is increasingly challenged. The project I am putting in place as part of a multi-university bid is about 'trust' and governance.