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The Bartlett Doctoral Networks

The Bartlett Doctoral Networks have been set up to foster contact and collaboration between doctoral students and staff, on cross-cutting themes relating to the built environment. 

Knowledge is a continuum, but academia is divided into discrete fields.  The Built Environment field is particularly cross-cutting, where research typically overlaps with arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering. The Bartlett Networks aim to bridge between these traditions.

All academics benefit from intellectual exchange and support from colleagues in related research areas. For doctoral students and early career researchers, networking is particularly important, especially for those who are new to London, new to academia, or who are transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries.

What are The Bartlett Doctoral Networks?

Each Network aims to promote awareness of who’s who, doing what and where, within the faculty, fostering information exchange, social support and research collaboration; and hence synergies between doctoral students and staff  in the Bartlett, elsewhere in UCL and beyond.

The Networks are generally led by doctoral researchers, but welcome active participation by both doctoral researchers and staff. Some Networks have more emphasis on research itself; other have a broader social remit.

Please find out more about our doctoral networks with an online presence:

For our other doctoral networks, please click on the link to email their coordinator.