The Bartlett Real Estate Institute


Dr Nikodem Szumilo

Dr Nikodem Szumilo is the Director of the Institute and heads the leadership team. He is also directly responsible for a number of real estate projects and supporting projects led by BREI fellows.  

The BREI Fellowship 

The Fellowship is driven by Dr Nikodem Szumilo. He firmly believes that diversity of thought is critical to the successful understanding of real estate and the BREI Fellowship has been created to drive this agenda forward. BREI invites applications from academics around the world whose perspectives and opinions are typically underrepresented. There is a particular focus on attracting applicants from the Global South with diverse ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds as well as those whose research is related to spatial and racial inequality. 

During the fellowship, which will normally run for between three and nine months, fellows become staff members at University College London and have the opportunity to contribute to both shaping and executing BREI’s strategy. The fellows contribute notable value where their research focuses on the most pressing issues in real estate that often eludes established scholars. After the end of the fellowship, individuals retain their BREI affiliation to enable them to enhance their work in their home institution. 

Nikodem is also associated with the following projects:

MSc Real Estate Economics and Investment Analysis 

Nikodem is the Director of UCL’s only MSc programme on the economics and finance of real estate. Most members of BREI’s leadership team teach on the programme and its students are actively engaged in the Institute’s activities.

BREI data centre 

Nikodem coordinates a data centre that houses research data available exclusively to BREI members. The centre facilitates collaborations between academics from different fields across UCL departments.  

Portfolio of short courses in Real Estate Economics and investment

Nikodem leads BREI’s development of short courses related to real estate. 

BREI advisory board 

Nikodem chairs the BREI advisory board that advises the Institute on its strategy and projects.  

OpRE conference

Nikodem coordinates BREI’s involvement in the OpRE Festival (organised by Hotel Analyst). This event breaks down the silos between different bits of operational real estate, enabling the pooling of ideas and the creation of co-investment opportunities. 

Wartime regional GDP tracker for Ukraine 

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion on Ukraine in February 2022, Nikodem volunteered his research time to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). He leads an international team of researchers who created a tracker of regional GDP based on data from Twitter, Google and satellite pictures. The work is currently being used not only but NBU but also the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and has been covered by The Economist. It is led by BREI researchers and supported by the Geneva Graduate Institute. 

Built Environment education in Ukraine

Nikodem coordinates BREI’s involvement in Kyiv School of Economics’ (leading Business School in Ukraine) effort to start the first modern university programme on Urban Development. The project has been requested by the Ukrainian government and its objective is to support the post-war reconstruction effort with cutting edge academic knowledge. The project is supported by leading built environment experts from the best universities around the world and BREI is proud to provide expertise in real estate. 

BREI Fellows working with Nikodem

Dr Enrico Vanino – Department of Economics, University of Sheffield  
Dr Chen Zhong – Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL  
Yikang Wang – Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL