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Dr Nicolas Duran

Dr Nicolas Duran is a Lecturer of Real Estate Economics. His research is on topics from urban and real estate economics.


Dr Nicolas Duran is a Lecturer of Real Estate Economics. His research is on topics from urban and real estate economics.
In particular, Nicolas has studied spatial effects and externalities on housing markets and the impact of indoor air quality on student performance.

The following are projects Nicolas is currrently working on:

Real Estate Data Analysis and Property Investment Analysis modules for MSc Real Estate Economics and Investment Analysis 

Nicolas teaches the theory and methods used in economics/econometrics to infer causality with a practical focus using real estate data. Additionally introduce students to practical perspectives for portfolio management, with a focus on investment in individual properties, real estate assets, or funds.  

GIS module for MSc Real Estate Economics and Investment Analysis

Nicolas is currently preparing a course on producing, handling, and analysing GIS data to be delivered in the 2023/2024 edition of the MSc REEIA. 

Indoor Air Quality Data Collection

In collaboration with Scholars from Maastricht University, Nicolas administers a large dataset of indoor air quality measurements of 230 classrooms in 27 primary schools located in the south of the Netherlands, continuously monitored since 2017.  

In collaboration with Bartlett’s IEDE and funded by UCL RCIF we purchased air quality monitoring equipment that will allows to gain a comprehensive measurement of air pollution by going beyond typical components of indoor air pollution such as CO2 and particles, incorporating pollen, allergen and mold measurements. 

Built Environment education in Ukraine 

Nicolas will deliver two data analysis courses in a programme on Urban Development at Kyiv School of Economics. The objective of the programme is to develop the capacities needed to support post-war reconstruction efforts.

National Trust and DCMS project on fiscal incentives for heritage maintenance

The project will try to summarize best practices regarding fiscal incentives given to owners of built heritage for properly maintaining their buildings. The position collaborates with the National Trust and the UK’s Department of Communications, Media, and Sport and is a first step towards establish a collaboration with BREI. 

BREI blog and podcast

Nicolas is currently working to start up the BREI blog and podcast.

Fellows working with Nicolas

Dr Smuel Stamp, UCL IEDE
Dr Juan Palacios, MIT  
Prof. Nils Kok, Maastricht University
Prof. Piet Eichholtz, Maastricht University
Prof. Hans Koster, Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam