The Bartlett Real Estate Institute


Our Mission Statement

The Bartlett Real Estate Institute is keen to rethink real estate, understand its value and communicate this widely.

Buildings in the middle of a forest setting

Rethink real estate

The Bartlett Real Estate Institute provides a space for free thinking, collaboration and communication. We bring together people from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds to think differently about real estate, to question, challenge and evolve conventional ideas, to rethink traditional views, to pose new challenges, to answer unanswered questions, to change perceptions and to always seek to promote constructive change.

Understand its value

We believe that real estate reflects our creativity and imagination and it impacts our societies, our economies and our environment. Real estate plays an important role in sustainability and shaping liveable, equitable places and spaces and so we seek to understand more deeply, appreciate more widely and measure more accurately the many forms of value that it creates.

Face change

Our aim is to better meet 21st century global challenges and opportunities by drawing on leading research and practice, and by questioning and where necessary challenging the 20th Century orthodoxies that have created the deficiencies, inequities and unsustainable practices.

Shape the future

We seek to shape real estate theory and practice, to empower practitioners and to inform policy in the face of economic, environmental and social disruption and to take the opportunity to reverse and resolve negative impacts.

Communicate widely

We seek to understand real estate from a variety of standpoints and perspectives, at both a local and global level, and to encourage collaboration, contribution and communication with and within the real estate industry, with and within academia and with the many people and organisations who are fundamentally affected by the function of real estate.