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Educating the city: Discussion paper released

2 March 2021

Educating the city: New Urban Schools and Social Infrastructure is a UCL Knowledge Exchange HEIF-funded project based on a collaboration between Dr. Jos Boys of The Bartlett Real Estate Institute, Anna Jeffery from Architecture Initiative (AI) and Adam Wood from UCL’s IOE.

Community area, children playing football

The paper explores how UK schools can better integrate with their local contexts while supporting communities in a variety of ways. It discusses the barriers that are stopping schools from meeting local needs and offers suggestions about positive ways forward.

The central aim has been to better understand the constraints and opportunities for urban, mixed-use schools, and the capacity for these to offer greater social and community value; that is, to become vital components in local social infrastructures. This challenge is an ongoing one but has particular resonance after a period of austerity during which many publicly funded facilities have been lost, followed by the 2020 disruptions of a pandemic.

 As co-author Dr. Jos Boys says:

“Most schools still remain isolated and gated resources are under-used. This is a real waste of space and facilities at a time when we need to be looking for ways to support people in their localities.”

Sample pages of the discussion paper are available here. For access to download full paper please click below: 

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