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Online platform to help community building managers

1 July 2019

An online platform could bring together UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment staff and community building managers

Community building, group gathering

Many local groups participated in BREI’s Managing Community Buildings workshop in June.

The event, organised in collaboration with UCL Culture as part of its Trellis funding programme for university-community partnerships, explored the problems involved in managing community buildings and what kinds of services would help. 

It was agreed that the development of a basic online skills and knowledge platform would be a great start. This aims to provide an easy mechanism for bringing together local community building managers and organisers with UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment staff and students to share knowledge and skills. It could include small ‘as and when’ FM contracts, training and mentoring offers, student volunteers and projects.

The next stage is to create a working group that develop a realisable prototype, and to achieve additional funding from Trellis.