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The Bartlett Real Estate Institute holds 'digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS' symposium

27 November 2017

The symposium, focusing on the emerging disciplines within digital cultural heritage and the established practice of heritage management, took place at Here East on 13th and 14th November 2017.

Digital Cultural Heritage Kelly Greenop

The aim of the two day conference was to provide a platform for critical debate for emerging and developing uses of digital technologies in heritage management, encouraging discussion around themes of best practice in preservation of cultural heritage, and inter-disciplinary approaches to working with tangible and intangible heritage.

Keynote addresses were heard from Professor Sarah Kenderdine (EPFL, Switzerland), Professor Andong Lu (Nanjing University, China), Tim Williams (UCL, FSA), and Lyn Wilson (Historic Environment Scotland).


The event was convened by Dr. Kelly Greenop and Dr Chris Landorf of The University of Queensland School of Architecture, and Peter McLennan, Faculty Graduate Tutor at The Bartlett, and took place at Here East where the Real Estate Institute will be based, offering postgraduate taught and research programmes, and providing executive education and short courses to professionals, from 2018.

‘digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS’ is an ongoing initiative aimed at generating critical international debate and collaboration in the emerging discipline of digital cultural heritage, and is organised through ATCH: the Centre for Architecture Theory Criticism History within the UQ School of Architecture.

The London symposium followed a sister conference held in Brisbane, Australia in April 2017, and future events are planned to take place in St Paul, Minnesota USA and Hangzhou, China in 2018.

Digital Cultural Heritage

Photos: Kirsten Holst