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Virtual Event: IoT Data for Smart Cities/Sustainability in the Data Marketplace

16 July 2020, 3:00 pm–5:00 pm

UCL Bloomsbury courtyard

In this expert online workshop speakers will identify IoT data that can be used by owners and managers of Real Estate to manage their buildings.

This event is free.

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Ruby Soor

The Founding Members are Greystar, Nuveen and Arup who have sponsored a programme of summer roundtables and workshops. The workshops will be observation only.

In this expert workshop speakers will identified IoT data that can be used by owners and managers of Real Estate to manage their buildings, especially with a view to compliance with energy and sustainability targets.

Following our recent workshop on the Future of Cites Post Covid 19, it has become clear that the main trend in urban development will be towards sustainable urban neighbourhoods ie creating an environment to dramatically reduce carbon footprint, waste and water usage whilst enhancing resiliency through healthier urban spaces.

Our consortium project ‘Resilience Lab’s’ is aimed at creating the most technologically advanced operating and delivery model to ensure reduction of cost whilst enhancing financial returns for investors and social returns for the community.

This workshop looked in detail at those who employ circular economic business models such as flexible/adaptable buildings, design for disassembly and performance procurement to enhance returns whilst reducing carbon footprint and waste. This is supported by design of a community that is resilient and self-reliant for local production of necessities and enrichment to quality of life.

Open data is critical to the new smart city projects, where the data can be used, not for the profit of those who fund or own the development, but to drive sustainability and local economic regeneration. A new data marketplace for Real Estate is being considered as the way in which buyers and sellers of data can unlock the value of the data that they hold or require.

The speakers considered a number of topics including sustainable business models, the use of IoT devices to obtain and verify data, consideration of the governance of algorithms that will be developed in this arena, the value in the data for various aspects of facilities and asset management, valuation and risk and the insurance sector.