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Retail Renaissance

Retail Renaissance in Small Market Towns was funded by the British Council of Shopping Centres Educational Trust | 2004.


Although there has been significant investment in retail development in large cities across the UK in recent year, small towns have lagged behind, and have even declined as a result. This project aimed to determine what could be learnt from more successful small towns for application more widely. The good practice guidance that resulted has been published as The Smaller Towns Report.


Professor Matthew Carmona
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Dr Claudio de Magalhães
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The project led to the following report:

Carmona M, de Magalhaes C & Sieh L (2004) The Smaller Towns Report: Delivering a Retail-led Renaissance in Towns and Smaller Cities, London, BCSC 


As well as informing local practice, this project has been extensively quoted in Government policy reports and in other research reports.