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Sustainable housing for all by 2030: Prof Catalina Turcu gives keynote at ENHR Conference

4 July 2023

Professor Catalina Turcu gave the plenary at the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) conference in Lodz, Poland 28-30 June 2023

UCL SDG Research Accelerator NEW

Professor Catalina Turcu is the Founder & Director of the UCL Sustainable Development Goal Research Accelerator and Professor of Sustainable Built Environment in the Bartlett School of Planning.

Catalina’s keynote discussed progress on the Sustainable Development Goals Target 11.1 or ‘sustainable housing for all by 2030’ drawing on her recent work which collates primary and secondary data analysis at the international, UK and London level.

Five key points were made:

  1. Housing is a key aspect of the sustainability agenda;
  2. We do not know enough about the extent of 'inadequate housing' in developed countries;
  3. Challenges remain at the local level where SDG Target 11.1 is measured.;
  4. Not all Londoners will live in ‘decent’ housing by 2030, nor by 2040, if we stay on the current housing retrofit trend;
  5. Retrofit inequalities exist between tenures and boroughs in London, and retrofit targets are not ambitious enough.

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