The Bartlett School of Planning


Professor Catalina Turcu announced winner of the UCL Sustainability Research Award

14 July 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Professor Catalina Turcu has won the prestigious UCL Sustainability Research Award.

UCL SDG Research Accelerator NEW

The award recognises research that proposes solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or other environmental or social challenges.

Professor Catalina Turcu is the Founder & Director of the UCL Sustainable Development Goal Research Accelerator and Professor of Sustainable Built Environment in the Bartlett School of Planning. 

To meet the United Nations Agenda 2030, the UK has to rapidly advance the implementation of the 17 UN SDG goals and targets. The SDG Accelerator’s mission is to contribute, via co-creation and transfer of knowledge, towards urban transformations which are sustainable and at the scale and pace required to meet such goals and targets. This is done through:

  • A focus on challenge-driven research – this is research that investigates and seeks actionable solutions for a real-life problem.
  • Co-creation of scientific evidence – which is jointly produced between academics and non-academic partners.
  • Transfer of knowledge – which supports mutually collaborations between universities, the public sector and industry.

Congratulations to Catalina on her well-deserved award.