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Local Environment Quality: A New View on Measurement

Local Environment Quality


Local Environmental Quality: A New View on Measurement Funded by the DCLG in 2006

This research explored the viability of establishing national standards for local environmental quality. It was based on focus groups with residents, workshops with professionals delivering environmental services and an analysis of existing relevant standards and indicators.

The report sets out nine Positive Local Qualities of good local environments: clean and tidy; green; unpolluted; secure; safe; accessible; socially inclusive and fulfilling; economically vital and viable; and physically attractive.

The report proposes a theoretical framework which could be used to set and measure standards at local authority and neighbourhood levels.


Professor Matthew Carmona
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Dr Filipa Wunderlich
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This project led to the following publications:

Matthew Carmona and Claudio de Magalhães, Local Environmental Quality: A New View on Measurement, London, Department for Communities and Local Government, 2007

Matthew Carmona and Claudio de Magalhães, 'Local Environmental Quality: establishing acceptable standards in England', Town Planning Review, Vol. 80, 2009, no. 4-5, pp. 517-548 


This report was used to review UK government local environment performance indicators and performance measurement regime.

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