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Public Seminar: Critical Dialogues of the Post-Covid City

20 April 2023, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

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Urban challenges and sustainable transformations from the local to the global. A UCL University of Toronto Strategic Partnership Seminar

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Victoria Howard

Location: Sir David Davies lecture theatre, G08 Roberts Building, UCL

Come and join us for a seminar discussion on ‘Critical Dialogues of the Post-Covid City’, for a lively reflection on the future of our cities from a diverse panel with varied interests and knowledge.

We will be discussing the challenges faced across cities in light of specific sustainable development goals and their influence on the broad range of urban built forms and lived experiences in a post-pandemic world. These SDGs are Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11). we will broadly consider questions around housing and density, communities and experiences, identity and culture, environment and sustainability, labour markets and governance, social and economic capital, and connectivity. How can we ensure our cities are adaptable, resilient and sustainable?

The work is part of a co-funded Strategic Partnership, between UCL and the University of Toronto, and colleagues from Canada will be visiting for the seminar. We will start the discussion at 6pm, to be followed by thoughts from the Canadian researchers, and a Q&A inviting audience contributions.

Our discussants include:

  • Prof. Mike Raco, chair of urban governance & development, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.
  • Jordan Rowe, writer, curator and research in urban culture, heritage and identities.
  • Dr Tse-Hui Teh, lecturer in urban design & sustainability, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.
  • Dr Elanor Warwick, head of strategic policy and research at Clarion Housing Group.
  • Dr Joe Penny, lecturer in global urbanism, Urban Laboratory, UCL