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Design Code Pilot Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Design Code Pilot Programme Monitoring and Evaluation was funded by the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) in 2004-2005.


This project, which was undertaken in conjunction with Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design, evaluated an 18-month pilot programme examining the use and utility of design codes in the English planning system.

The objective was to determine the extent to which design codes deliver better quality development, a faster planning and development process and enhanced buy-in from stakeholder groups.


Professor Matthew Carmona
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Dr Quentin Stevens

Leo Hammond

Ruth Blum 


This project led to the following publications:

Matthew Carmona and Jane Dann, Design Coding in Practice, An Evaluation, London, Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG), 2006

Matthew Carmona and Jane Dann, Preparing Design Codes, Practice Manual, London, CLG, 2006

Matthew Carmona, 'Design Coding and the Creative, Market and Regulatory Tyrannies of Practice', Urban Studies, Vol. 46, No.12, 2009, pp. 2643–2667

Matthew Carmona in Steve Tiesdell and David Adams (eds.), 'Design Coding: Mediating the Tyrannies of Practice', Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process, Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2011 


This research led directly to a change in government policy with the endorsement of design codes in Planning Policy Statement 3. The research report also led to the commissioning of a national good practice guide authored by Matthew Carmona.