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Zero Carbon Homes

Zero Carbon Homes

22 February 2012

Joanna Williams (2012), Routledge

Joanna Williams explores the diverse approaches that are being adopted around the world to delivering zero carbon homes and the different societal systems and geographic circumstances in which they have developed.  It postulates a road-map for delivering zero carbon homes, together with a toolkit for policy-makers and practitioners to suit particular national and local circumstances.

Housing is a major contributor to CO2 emissions in Europe and America today and the construction of new homes offers an opportunity to address this issue.  Providing homes that achieve "zero carbon", "carbon neutral", "zero-net energy" or "energy-plus" standards is becoming the goal of more innovative house-builders globally, whilst energy providers seek to decarbonise the energy supply to new and existing development.

A series of case studies are presented in the book that offer lessons for delivering zero carbon homes.  These examples are also used to demonstrate how prototype systems can move into the mainstream.  The book highlights some of the instruments and mechanisms that could be used to support this transformation and addresses the wider implications of introducing these innovative systems in terms of industry, lifestyle and urban form.

This book will be relevant to professionals in urban planning, architecture, construction and the energy sector and will be a useful resource to students in these areas.

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