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Thinking Impact

The Thinking Impact event series supports staff of all levels at The Bartlett looking to highlight research impact

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Thinking Impact is an open space to support and facilitate the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment in the creation of real-world positive change. The aim of the Thinking Impact series is to convene an ongoing reflective conversation about impact creation, measuring impact and how impact can support the development of researchers. 

Thinking Impact events will bring together a diverse but related set of views and people to encourage a culture of impact-active and impact-driven research and other activity across the Faculty. Each event will contribute to the development of the Bartlett Manual of Impact and is intended to capture the collaborative process of co-creation showcasing a plurality of pathways to impact.

Thinking Impact sessions are designed to be useful for a variety of groups: 

  • PhD students and ECRs exploring ideas and approaches that will allow them to actively pursue and consolidate their impact portfolio as a key part of their research career
  • Mid-career and senior researchers sharing and learning from examples of effective practices of creating impact to select and align their approach with their established portfolio of research. 
  • Teaching and professional services staff exploring pathways to impact related to teaching and organisational practices and initiatives to complement research impact

Thinking Impact events 2022/23

Please check back for futher information on upcoming Thinking Impact sessions during the 2022/23 academic year.

If you have any questions or would like to present your own ideas or experience, please contact Gemma Moore, Faculty Impact Lead (gemma.moore@ucl.ac.uk) or Tadhg Caffrey, Faculty Impact Manager (t.caffrey@ucl.ac.uk).