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SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) is a partnership between UCL and a number of academic and cultural institutions.


SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) is an EPSRC funded centre which from 2014-22 provides fully-funded four-year integrated MRes and PhD studentships in heritage science to eligible students. The CDT is a consortium of three UK universities, University College London, University of Oxford and University of Brighton, which together with our partners deliver the cross-disciplinary expertise necessary for heritage science research.

Students who study in the CDT come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, from archaeology to chemistry, mathematics and engineering. All students undertake the SEAHA MRes at UCL which introduces students to a unique assembly of scientific disciplines — physical sciences, engineering, imaging, computing, social sciences — brought together in order to address research questions relating to cultural heritage.

After the SEAHA MRes at UCL, our students undertake their PhD at one of our University partners UCL, University of Oxford or University of Brighton. Each studentship is a unique project, designed in collaboration with contributing heritage and industry partners.

SEAHA began as a response to the need to train interdisciplinary scientists and engineers in cultural heritage and was co-developed with a number of partner institutions from the industrial, heritage, scientific, engineering, and higher education sector. We are now a leading voice within the sector and are producing innovative and pioneering research.

Please note that SEAHA CDT is no longer recruiting students.