UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Mr Ziwen Liu

Post Graduate Teaching Assistant

Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Feb 2022

Research summary

With the development of Web 2.0 techniques, the social media platforms have experienced a flourished period in the past decade. They are now powerhouses for information acquisition and distribution, offering a range of User-Generated Content in different domains. At the same time, heritage related concepts, such as heritage tourism, cultural heritage, and intangible heritage, are also gaining attentions among individuals. As a result, individuals are willing to and can easily share their own thoughts and feelings about their experiences in visiting a heritage site, which provide an opportunity for researchers and site managers to have an insight into the collective perception of the crowds for heritage sites. By means of gradually developed artificial intelligence algorithms and prevalence of big data, my research aims to represent UK heritage sites by people's semantic perception expressed in online user comments and photographs using deep-learning models.


North China University of Technology
First Degree, Business Administration |
Masters, Data Science for Cultural Heritage |
University of Sydney
Masters, Master of Commerce |