UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


UCL ISH launches Instagram account

24 October 2017

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage recently launched its own Instagram account and from today, the project ‘Looking at old ground in a new way’ will be taking over.  

Instagram Logo

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage is undertaking a research project that aims to investigate the synergies between heritage science and sport science, and their impact on wellbeing. 

Today, sporting events particularly large scale events, are critical to the local and national economy. To sustain these events, their physical impact on designed landscapes needs to be understood and better managed.  By presenting cross-disciplinary evidence and integrating the views of all relevant stakeholders, this study will help create a novel decision-making process that bridges sport and heritage.

Instagram is an excellent social media platform which will enable UCL ISH to document the research and communication going on within the project. Between now and December, the project will be using Instagram to undertake a visual inquiry into heritage, sport and wellbeing as a single unit concept. 

The tagline #HSSSWB has been created and will be used by the project team to share and update progress in this new field of research taking place at UCL.
You can also join in by using #HSSSWB to tag images or videos that merge the 3 elements of heritage, sport and wellbeing.
For more information on the project and how you can contribute: