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UCL ISH student success in the October Board of Examiners

1 November 2017

UCL ISH are delighted to announce that a high number of MSc and MRes students were awarded distinctions by the respective Boards of Examiners that met in October.

Students working

Both the MSc and MRes programmes received outstanding feedback from the External Examiners. The External Examiner for the MSc Sustainable Heritage commented very positively about the course and its high standards. The average mark for the MSc dissertations was above 70 (distinction).

The same was true for the MRes, where the External Examiner commented that “the teaching team should be commended for the work put into theses aspects of the dissertation” and 50% of students received overall distinctions, while the average mark for MRes dissertations was also above 70 (distinction).

We sincerely congratulate all the students for their exceptionally hard work.

The following MSc students were awarded distinctions for their dissertations:

Sally Sabbahy
Negotiating Social Sustainability in the Giza Plateau: The Disputed Role and Future of the Kharteya

Cosmo Phillips
Exploring a Sustainable Future for Chelsea Physic Garden: Understanding how climate change may affect Chelsea Physic Garden, and in what ways impacts can be mitigated or adapted to

David Newton
To what degree do ‘heritage values’ associated with Victorian and Edwardian dwellings drive or prohibit energy efficiency?

Xander Lacson
Modelling the adaptive reuse of neglected historic buildings

Ye Jin
Application of Contingent Valuation Method to compare the total economic value and local community’s perceptions of two religious sites in United Kingdom and China: using the Xia Hai Temple and Selby Abbey as case studies

Bianca Madden
Documentation of Threatened Immovable Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones: An Investigation into Use, Communication and Prioritisation

The following MRes students were awarded overall distinctions:

Bettina Sacher
An investigation into the role of variable measurement angles and smooth and textured surface states in retro-reflective microfading tests

Jennifer Richards
Modelling the future of the past: Using a cellular automaton model to assess environmental processes on earthen heritage degradation

Laura Arcidiacono
Development of a non-invasive neutron technique for the analysis of archaeological gold: a pilot study on Byzantine coins

Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev
Method development for measuring volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rates from spray foam insulation (SPF) and their interrelationship with indoor air quality (IAQ), human health and ventilation strategies

Pedro Maximo Rocha
Tensile Behaviour in Historic Tapestries. Strain Distribution Analysis and its Dependence on Woven Structure

Rosie Brigham
Crowdsourcing Conservation: using citizen science to monitor heritage sites

In addition, the following two MRes students were awarded distinctions for their dissertations:

Morena Ferreira

Determination of the impact of air velocity on water activity as a measure to prevent mould growth on historic materials

Hannah Duggan

The influence of animal glue on mechanical properties of painting canvases