UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Student-led report submitted on “New Museum for Gozo”

24 May 2016


A huge congratulations to our MSc Sustainable Heritage students, who recently submitted a report to Heritage Malta, the Maltese national agency for cultural heritage.  This is part of the longstanding partnership between the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage and Heritage Malta.

The report outlines the students’ findings and recommendations from this year’s project: “A New Museum for Gozo”.  The project was a fascinating look at Heritage Malta’s plan to develop a new museum for the island of Gozo, to the north of the main Maltese island, which has its own distinct and rich cultural traditions.  

The students spent two weeks in Gozo, exploring existing museum collections, including archaeological, natural history and ethnographic artefacts and assessed the feasibility of rehousing them in a former school, itself an important piece of Modernist architecture and a well-known building within the community.  Back in London, the students worked together to bring all they had learnt and discovered into a report for Heritage Malta.  The results is an impressive piece of work that shows above all how much they understood and appreciated the importance of telling the story of Gozo.