UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


SEAHA PhD student wins poster award at Cultural Heritage Conference

12 July 2016


SEAHA PhD student Cecilia Bembibre’s poster on volatile organic compounds in museums, presenting research on the significance of smell as part of the heritage experience, was awarded the first prize at the 4th International Congress Chemistry for Cultural Heritage (CHEMCH) conference in Brussels last week.

The poster was selected among 52 entries and was presented by Cecilia Bembibre, 2nd-year SEAHA student at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage in collaboration with the National Trust and Odournet. This was one of several contributions from SEAHA to the event, which included a talk by ISH Lecturer Dr Katherine Curran and posters by SEAHA students Alexandra Bridarolli, Nanette Kissi and Yun Liu.

Image: Cinquantenaire Park, Brussels/Redvers Flickr.com