UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Interview with Professor Michael Arthur on sustainable heritage and the Mobile Heritage Lab

13 December 2016

UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur

On Tuesday 23 November, UCL Provost and President Michael Arthur visited the SEAHA Mobile Heritage Laboratory (MHL) where he toured the lab and then gave an interview for the ISH YouTube Channel about the importance of sustainable heritage and initiatives like the MHL.

The Provost answered questions on his MHL experience, what he has learned about sustainable heritage and heritage science and the role of mobile facilities in making research access to the public.

In this video, the Provost speaks enthusiastically about the MSc in Sustainable Heritage discussing the incredible breadth of activity of the programme and how it uses multidisciplinary research to deliver real world solutions to global problems. He concludes his interview by inviting prospective students, saying: "it's a fascinating subject which is incredibly well done at UCL, the team here are excellent, the degree is superb and you will be in one of the greatest cities in the world".