UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


ISH Director joins UN Global Colloquium of University Presidents

11 April 2016


UCL ISH Director Professor May Cassar and the UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur will attend a meeting of University Presidents from around the world with the support and participation of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The Colloquium theme is ’Preservation of Cultural Heritage’, and Professor Cassar has been invited to be the rapporteur for the workshop on ‘Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage ’ and also to present at the Panel on ‘The Role of Universities and Cultural Heritage’on the ‘EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology: A Model for International Collaboration’.

Participants at the 2016 Colloquium include Presidents and Vice Chancellors as well as Faculty experts from universities across the globe. The Colloquium will commence with an opening address by the UN Secretary-General.

A full report on the colloquium will be issued at a later date.

During the colloquium, Yale University will be leading the conversation about the preservation of cultural heritage by using the hashtag #unite4heritage. For more information on the Global Colloquium of University Presidents please visit the Yale University website.

Credit for the image goes to Michael Marsland, Yale University.