UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Officials from BIS take tour of Heritage Science Lab

7 December 2015


Tim Higginson (Head NERC, ESRC, AHRC Sponsorship, Research Councils Unit) and Matthew Godwin (Political Research Assistant, Research Councils Unit) visited the UCL ISH Heritage Science Lab in November 2015 at the invitation of the Director. They were given an extensive tour of the Heritage Science Lab, engaged with some of the cutting edge heritage science research currently taking place at UCL ISH and marvelled at the range of advanced scientific equipment that is used in heritage science.

The state-of-the-art Heritage Science Laboratory at 29 Gordon Street, which opened in 2010, offers 100m2 of lab space for studying historic objects and environments. The laboratory specialises in portable and transportable equipment so that it can be used in real heritage environments. Furthermore, the lab hosts the unique Hyperspectral Imaging setup for objects from 1 cm2 to entire building facades. The lab also houses an archive of reference historic sample materials, an invaluable source of study materials for collaborative, doctoral and Masters projects. 

Earlier this year, our facilities were enhanced by the Mobile Heritage Laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and public engagement facilities. More information here.