UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Conservation group visits the Heritage Science Laboratory

15 April 2015


The Institute of Conservation Book & Paper Group visited the Heritage Science Laboratory on Wednesday 8 April 2015 and it was a great success.

We had 19 attendees, practicing conservators from a range of UK-based organisations such as the National Maritime Museum, the Museum of London, and from around the world, from countries such as Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Ongoing research at UCL ISH was discussed, including work by our SEAHA students on iron gall inks and Chinese paper, research into the use of VOCs as diagnostic tools for understanding paper deterioration and work on evidence-based environmental management.  We had lots of great and challenging questions and it was a really valuable experience for us to have the opportunity to disseminate our research to practitioners and to learn from their feedback.

Quotes from the day include: "you've certainly given us all food for thought" (Philippa Rader, Book Conservator-Restorer at the Royal Collection Trust).

"Fascinating and inspiring and I'm really glad I came" (Kate Chan, Associate Conservator at the University of Hong Kong Libraries).

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