UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Cristina Duran

Thesis title: Preservation management modelling in archive and library collections

Primary supervisor: Josep Grau-Bové
Secondary supervisor: Matija Strlic
Start date: February 2017
Project completion date: December 2021

Libraries and archives are responsible for the management of collections in order to ensure access for present and future generations and its sustainability. In the interest of these two goals, institutions face the challenging question of determining to what extent preservation actions are beneficial in the context of their specific collections.

This project explores the use of System Dynamics and related mathematical modelling techniques to evaluate the effect of preservation actions during the lifetime of collections by approaching collection management as a complex system.

If single preservation measures are put in the broader context of collection management, then questions emerge such as: are there management decisions which may have contra-intuitive and maybe unintended consequences? Do short and long term consequences of actions differ from each other?