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The Bartlett Virtual Graduate Open Week

28 November 2022–02 December 2022, 9:00 am–8:00 pm

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The Bartlett

Whether your ambition is to design better buildings, plan better cities, build sustainable communities or help meet the challenge of climate change, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment could be a big step towards it.

The Bartlett is a thriving community of 4,000 students from over 50 countries, studying across 80+ different programmes. To learn more about The Bartlett and our programmes, please join us for our Graduate Open Week.

We are The Bartlett. We’re here to build a better future.

Faculty-wide events

The Bartlett, UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment
The Bartlett Promise Master's ScholarshipTuesday 29 November3-4pm GMT

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The Bartlett Promise Sub-Saharan Africa Master’s Scholarship Tuesday 29 November1-2pm GMT

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Department specific events

Bartlett School of Architecture 
Architecture March (ARB/RIBA Part 2)Monday 28 November12-1pm GMT
Architectural Computation MSc/MRes, Architectural Design MArch, Architecture & Digital Theory MRes, Urban Design MArchMonday 28 November2-3.30pm GMT
Cinematic and Videogame Architecture MArchMonday 28 November4-5pm GMT
Architecture & Historic Urban Environments MA and Architectural History MATuesday 29 November12-1pm GMT
Landscape Architecture MA/MLATuesday 29 November2-3pm GMT
Design for Manufacture MArchThursday 1 December12-1pm GMT
Design for Performance & Interaction MArchThursday 1 December2-3pm GMT
Situated Practice MAThursday 1 December4-5pm GMT
Fire Safe Design MArchFriday 2 December10-11am GMT
Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MScFriday 2 December12-1pm GMT
Space Syntax: Architecture & Cities MSc/MResFriday 2 December2-3pm GMT

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Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction
Infrastructure Investment and Finance MScMonday 28 November1-2pm GMT
Learning Environments MScMonday 28 November4-5pm GMT
Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management MScTuesday 29 November1-2pm GMT
Real Estate Economics and Investment AnalysisTuesday 29 November4-5pm GMT
Construction Economics and Management MScWednesday 30 November12-1pm GMT
MBA Major Infrastructure DeliveryWednesday 30 November5-6pm GMT
Digital Engineering Management MScThursday 1 December4-5pm GMT
Healthcare Facilities MScThursday 1 December4-5pm GMT

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UCL Urban Laboratory
EvenDate Time
Taster lecture, introduction to Urban Lab and course plus Q+ATuesday 29 November3-4.30pm

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Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering
Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MScTuesday 29 November1-2pm GMT
Light and Lighting MScThursday 1 December11am-12pm GMT
Environmental Design and Engineering MScThursday 1 December1-2pm GMT
Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering MScFriday 2 December11am-12pm

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Energy and Sustainable Resources
Business and Sustainability MScMonday 28 November11am-12pm GMT
Smart Energy and the Built Environment MScMonday 28 November1-2pm GMT
Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MScTuesday 29 November12-1pm GMT
Energy Systems and Data Analytics MScThursday 1 December12-1pmm GMT
Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions MScFriday 2 December1-2pm GMT

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The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
Building and Urban Design in Development MScTuesday 29 November12-1pm GMT
Development Administration & Planning MScThursday 1 December10-11am GMT
Introduction to Social Development Practice MScThursday 1 December2-3pm GMT
Heath in Urban Development MScFriday 2 December4-5pm GMT
Study at the Development Planning UnitFriday 2 December1-2pm GMT

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UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Innovation, Public Policy and Public ValueThursday 1 December4-5pm GMT

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UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage
Sustainable Heritage MScTuesday 29 November11am-12pm GMT

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The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
Energy Systems and Data Analytics MScThursday 1 December 12-1pm GMT

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Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
Urban Spatial Science MSc/MResThursday 1 December10-11am GMT
Connected Environments MScThursday 1 December4-5.30pm GMT
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The Bartlett School of Planning
Introduction to PlanningMonday 28 November5-6pm GMT
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Institute for Global Prosperity
Institute for Global ProsperityTuesday 29 November3-4.30pm GMT

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