UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Yuhong Wang

Collaborative Decision-making in Community Greenspace Regeneration: Analysis of a Complex Network and System

Today, cities worldwide are regenerating their greenspace to improve their dwellers' healthy living and quality of life. Nonetheless, the challenges of population growth and diversified needs from different social groups call for the approach of multi-stakeholder collaboration in urban planning, design, and governance. It will deliver greater benefits than what could be achieved in isolation, but also emerges the complexity, competition, and conflict, through the recognition of the interconnectedness of multi-stakeholders.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is a complex process related to societal, structural, and other broader settings. Although there is abundant research on co-design toolkits and governance schemes, it remains unclear how stakeholders are related and connected to each other, as well as the drivers and issues of collaborative decision-making. Network Analysis and system dynamics provide the analytical tools for this research to conceptualise the complex network and system involved in the collaboration. This research will also chart outthe roadmap of multi-stakeholder collaboration in greenspace regeneration to achieve shared benefits across different social groups, hence facilitating urban governance.

This research is supervised by Dr Nici Zimmermann, Dr Tse-Hui Teh, Dr Charlotte Johnson, Prof Sarah Bell (external), and Dr Giuseppe Salvia (external), and funded by UCL-ORS scholarship.