UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Vasiliki Kourgiozou

Integrated multi-vector smart energy systems at building, campus and neighbourhood scales

Funded by the EPSRC and sponsored by BuroHappold

The need to move from dispatchable energy generation such as fossil fuels and nuclear power generation,  is continuously increasing due to growing concerns over resource depletion, energy security, climate change and air pollution.

Conventional energy systems consist of an inflexible structure where resources; the conversion processes and demands,  are segregated. At the same time, potential synergies between the different supply chains for heating, cooling, mobility and the electricity sector are not utilised. As a result, a shift to Smart Energy Systems is required to enable the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in line with the European Commission’s Climate Neutral 2050 targets. One of the key drivers of the EU’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” policy is to transform buildings, which currently consume 40% of the European Union’s (EU)’s final energy, into smarter and more energy efficient entities.

At the building level, various frameworks exist to outline how smart principles can be implemented, Additionally,  the EU’s EPBD is introducing the ‘Smart Readiness Indicator’ assessment and several university campuses have adopted the ‘Smart Grid’ concept and measures towards integrating distributed energy sources, energy monitoring and smart services. This is with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint, energy cost saving, efficient campus management and enhancement of the building internal environment.

This PhD is aiming to assess the scalability of existing building oriented frameworks and energy system models into a holistic assessment of a university campus towards Smart Energy System integration. The study will use a case-study university energy system’s performance data and stakeholder views on key performance indicators,  in an attempt to develop a translatable decision-making framework for university campuses.