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UCL Engineering Exchange

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The Engineering Exchange (EngEx) at UCL, launched in March 2014, is a network of engineers, built environment specialists and Londoners who are committed to making the skills and knowledge of UCL Engineering available to local communities.

The Engineering Exchange provides a ‘match-making’ service to connect community groups and engineers to tackle problems facing London communities. We help with initial project scoping, and support where needed with achieving deliverables. We provide de-briefing at the end of the project, which may lead to further phases of work.

EngEx is funded by UCL’s Faculty of Engineering and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. We’ve also received public engagement grants from the EPSRCNERC and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The EngEx team:

Professor Sarah Bell – Director

Charlotte Barrow – Communications and Marketing Officer

Dr Aiduan Borrion – Co-Director Circular Economy

Dr Ed Manley – Co-Director Smart Cities

Dr Carla Washbourne – Co-Director Green Infrastructure

For more information visit the Engineering Exchange website.