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Student and alumni testimonials

Discover what it's like to study on the Light and Lighting MSc through our student and alumni testimonials.

Craig's experience

"I have been working in the lighting industry for the past 11 years, starting in manufacturing of luminaires, and have worked at every level of lighting including specification and design for projects. I'm working alongside studying part-time and joined the Light and Lighting MSc as UCL offers the most comprehensive lighting course among any of the universities worldwide with state-of-the-art facilities. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the best university?

Once I've completed the Lighting and Lighting MSc, I aim to offer freelance lighting design services.

The aspect of the course I enjoy most is the level of detail that is covered is more than what I expected and gave me many ‘aha’ moments - information I previously knew now makes more sense. The campus life, facilities, events and everything that goes with being a student made the trips to campus more engaging. Outside of my studies, I have attended multiple networking events, workshops and mixers which has allowed me to expand my network of contacts both locally and internationally. 

One piece of advice I would give myelf as a new student on the Light and Lighting MSc is to ask as many questions as you can; engagement with the lecturers is encouraged and they love being asked questions."

Discover more of Craig's lighting work on his Instagram, @ct_orluna.

Craig Turner, Light and Lighting MSc student, 2023-24

Kit's experience

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Kit Liu, Light and Lighting MSc student

Simone's experience

Simone Bonavia 200x200

"The MSc Lighting and Lighting course, which I completed in 2016, complemented my skills and experience as an architect and has provided me with a holistic knowledge on lighting, both technical and artistic, encompassing daylight and electric light.

Through my dissertation and lighting research module, I have also gained scientific research skills. Completing this course has enabled me to perceive the built environment with added awareness, to work as a lighting designer and to have prospects of further scientific research.”

Simone Bonavia, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2015-16. Lighting designer at Steensen Varming

Willie's experience

William Duggan 200x200

“I completed the MSc Light and Lighting at UCL in 2009. Although I came from an engineering background and felt, I knew quite a bit about lighting before I started, I totally underestimated what I would learn through this programme. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

The course was challenging and stimulating, with approachable and knowledgeable tutors. It balanced the scientific side of lighting with the artistic element, and has given me invaluable tools both in lighting application and in technical knowledge. I learned so much, which has stood me well in my career in lighting that has followed. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who aspires for a career in the lighting industry.” 

Willie Duggan, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2008-09

Lucy's experience

Lucy Record 200x200

"I completed my MSc in Light and Lighting in 2016. It has enabled me to further my career and take it to new levels. Having already spent nearly 10 years working in the Lighting Industry prior to the course, I became aware of my shortfalls of specialised knowledge, vocabulary and skilled techniques. The experience has been hugely beneficial to capitalise on areas of knowledge that I already had some understanding in. 

It is a well-resourced programme, with high calibre teachers who are renowned professionals from the industry. This in turn attracts many students from a range of different professional backgrounds, countries and cultures.

Being amongst a pool of students of such diversity has created a buzzy atmosphere of intellect and enthusiasm. They will undoubtedly serve as a useful list of contacts for future professional work.

Studying at the The Bartlett is a unique experience, especially amidst such a culturally rich area of London. The college is internationally acclaimed for its areas of specialisation. Adding a degree from The Bartlett on my CV acts as a stamp of approval for future employers. Having a Master’s Degree is a huge achievement in itself, and I believe that the fact that it is from The Bartlett takes it to an even higher level of achievement.

I am presently using this degree to gain experience working in exhibition lighting & live events. Additionally the degree has sparked a keen interest in the environmental effects of exterior lighting at night, which is an area of research I would greatly like to pursue. After the appropriate experience in these areas, I would hope to open a lighting practice of my own, specialising in some of the niche parts of the industry."

Lucy Record, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2015-16

More alumni testimonials 

Martin Valentine, Light and Lighting MSc graduate. Lighting Expert for the Municipality of Abu Dhabi

“The course changed me completely and opened my eyes up to the many different facets of lighting design. Now I’m here, living on the Palm in Dubai, commuting to Abu Dhabi, and setting out the lighting standards and design guidance for, effectively, an entire country.” 

Natalia Sokol, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2008-2010

“For everyone passionate about lighting- MSc in Light and Lighting at UCL is a dream programme. It not only offers an in-depth understanding of light principles, but through practical assignments engages students in the prestigious lighting design projects in London.

The biggest advantage of this course, in my opinion, was an opportunity to learn from the dedicated lecturers whose vast knowledge about technicalities of lighting application, human response to light, daylight and colourimetry was simply impressive.

The competent introduction into a world of lighting science, offered by this course, gave me a cross-disciplinary knowledge foundation. It also encouraged me to follow the academic career, the first step of which was the PhD in architecture dedicated to a practical implementation of dynamic daylighting metrics within the built environment.”

Richard Caple, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2009-2011

"The Light and Lighting MSc is a superb qualification for anyone with an interest in lighting, or considering a career in the lighting industry. The broad variety of subject areas covered provided me with comprehensive knowledge giving me the perfect platform to progress my career.

Despite working in the lighting industry for many years, the Light and Lighting MSc allowed me to further my knowledge of the subject, help cement what I already knew, but more importantly expand on the areas I was not so familiar with.

Since finishing my MSc my career has progressed and has opened up new opportunities that I would never have thought possible.”

Fran Unerman, Light and Lighting MSc graduate

"The MSc in Light and Lighting gave a broad covering of the subject, however what really came through for me were the human factors. I have followed this through in my work (part time and now freelance) for the Centre for Accessible Environments. This included research on how lighting can aid people to access and navigate the built environment, carry out tasks as well as the impact this has on health and wellbeing.

In conjunction with this, I have been able to implement the teamwork and design skills I acquired on the course through freelancing for a lighting studio and an architectural practice. Understanding of the theory behind the practice has been very useful. The tutors have a range of expertise and provided excellent support and advice throughout the course and actively encouraged developing networks and attending industry related events.”

Rachel Shaw, Light and Lighting MSc graduate, 2015-2017

"I joined the course as a part-time student in 2015 as I was working full-time as an Electrical Engineer in Sheffield. I had developed an interest in lighting and I was aware that the Bartlett's MSc in Light and Lighting had a good reputation throughout the lighting community.

The course itself covered all areas of lighting including designing luminaires, the non-visual effects of light, daylight, lighting design, legislation, guidance documents and research. The tutors were all actively involved in lighting, some were involved in current research and some were involved in current lighting design projects. This meant that the information we received was up to date and delivered by experienced professionals.

Before applying to join the programme, the lighting projects that I had been involved in were based on calculations to achieve the correct quantity of light. The programme provided me with an invaluable insight into the artistic and architectural side of lighting. I now provide a more balanced approach to lighting design, as I am much more aware of the importance of developing concept information and discussing the lighting requirements with the architect and the client at an early stage of the project. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in any area of lighting. Since successfully completing the programme I have made many new contacts in lighting; have been invited to present my dissertation findings to the Yorkshire region of the Society of Light and Lighting; won The Worship Company of Lightmongers' award for outstanding achievement on the MSc programme; and am currently amending my dissertation with the hope of it being suitable for publishing.”