UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Light & Lighting

MSc Light and Lighting

Our research is about the way people interact with the lit environment. We study a wide range of lighting applications from daylight in buildings to roads at night.  We work closely with industry and the results of our work have been used to change lighting practice in industry. 

Research Topics
  • Daylight Metrics
  • The Effect of Daylight on the Elderly population
  • The Effect of Lighting Conditions on Traffic Accidents
  • Agile Architecture: How the built environment can learn from how it is used
  • Light and Well-being
  • Road Lighting
  • Glare
  • Lighting Quality
  • Urban Lighting​
Research Projects
MSc Programmes
PhD Supervisors and Investigators

Karen van Craveld
Longyu Guan
Peter Raynham
Jemima Unwin
Chengpeng Zhao