UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


External enabling

We arecommitted to developing and maintaining strong relationships with the stakeholders involved in our research. We are keen to engage in external enabling activities that link us with industry, policy makers and research councils.

Societies and special interest organisations

We co-founded the IBPSA-England, a forum for researchers, developers and practitioners to exchange information about building performance simulation. We are also actively engaged with CIBSE, a leading built environment professional organisation. We played a key role in co-founding the CIBSE School Building Design Group and running the Society of Light and Lighting and CIBSE Building Simulation Group.

We contribute to Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee and Higher Education Working Group. We are also key members of the:

Providing guidance for the UK government

We provide high-quality evidence-based guidance to key Government initiatives in the field of the built environment. This includes our involvement in the London Climate Change Partnership Steering Group and the DCLG/DECC Stakeholder Advisory Groups. We’ve also offered guidance to the Green Deal scheme and the Education Funding Agency.

International activities

Our staff staff lead the UK delegation to European Committee for Standardisation – CEN TC 169 Light and Lighting Committee and chair influential BSI Committee on Light and Lighting.

Several of our researchers also currently serve on the International Energy Agency Energy Communities & Buildings Group Executive Committee and on the scientific Board of ‘Healthy Polis’ – the International Consortium for Urban Environmental Health & Sustainability.

Communicating research

Our staff members are on editorial boards of leading journals such as the: