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Impact of Replacement Windows on IAQ of Occupied Dwellings

condensation window

4 February 2003

Key facts

  • Funding Body/Client:  The Department for Communities and the Local Government (DCLG) 
  • Project Partners: N/A
  • Total Project Value: N/A
  • UCL/IEDE Project Value Share: N/A
  • Duration: 2003-2005
  • Status:  Complete

The project involved the following work:

  • Identification and a telephone survey of 250 houses in which windows have been replaced
  • A detailed physical survey of houses in which the IAQ had deteriorated following window replacement
  • Fan pressurisation testing of 10 houses before and after windows replacement
  • Air permeability testing of replaced windows
  • Determination of the change in the air infiltration rate caused by window replacement both for individual properties and the UK stock in general
  • Analyses of the risk of causing IAQ problems as a result of installing replacement windows using ‘Condensation Targeter’
  • An investigation of the effect of installing trickle ventilators in replacement windows.  

PI: Ian Ridley

Co-Is: Tadj Oreszczyn and Michael Davies

R: Dejan Mumovic 


The following key publications were produced as part of the work undertaken for this project:

  • Oreszczyn, T., Mumovic, D., Ridley, I., Davies, M. (2005) The reduction in air infiltration due to window replacement in UK dwellings: results of a field study and telephone survey, International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 4, Number 1, June 2005.
  • Davies, M., Mumovic, D., Ridley, I., Oreszczyn, T. (2005) The reduction in air infiltration in dwellings due to window replacement, The 10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, Beijing , China. 
  • Ridley, I., Mumovic, D., Davies M., Oreszczyn, T. (2005) Impact of Replacement Windows on IAQ of Occupied Dwellings CI 71/6/12 (cc2425), DCLG, London 

The Final Report delivered for ODPM Building Regulations Division under the Building Operational Performance Framework 


For further information please contact: Dejan Mumovic