UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Modelling uniformly porous façades to predict dwelling infiltration rates


1 January 2014

It is important to limit dwelling infiltration to reduce energy demand and help meet national climate change commitments while concurrently providing sufficient ventilation to deliver adequate indoor air quality. DOMVENT3D is a model of infiltration and exfiltration that assumes a linear pressure distribution over any number of uniformly porous façades and integrates the airflow rate in the vertical plane to predict the theoretically correct airflow rate through them. DOMVENT3D is a new development of an existing two-dimensional model of infiltration that provides more opportunities for investigating a greater number of dwellings than was previously possible. Initial testing suggests that DOMVENT3D is mathematically robust and is suitable for modelling a wide variety of dwelling types and geometries to assist engineers and policy makers.

Modelling uniformly porous façades to predict dwelling infiltration rates. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology, 35 (4).

Lowe, R., Jones, B., Davies, M., Chalabi, Z., Das, P., Ridley, I. (2014)

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