UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


IEDE Lecturer speaks at 'Sustainable Lighting and Light Pollution' conference in Seoul

10 November 2014

Kevin Mansfield delivers keynote speech in Seoul

At the opening of the First International Conference for Sustainable Lighting and Light Pollution, in Seoul, South Korea, a Keynote was delivered by Dr Kevin Mansfield of UCL IEDE.

In the wide-ranging presentation held on 6 November 2014, Dr Mansfield assessed the utility of lighting quality metrics in the context of Korea’s rapid development and application of LED technology in the urban setting and emphasised the promotion of human well-being.

The opportunity was also taken to ratify a Gift Agreement between a major Korean construction company, Sukwoo Engineering Inc, and the UCL Development Fund to support doctoral studies in LED lighting technology applications by a Korean national at UCL IEDE. It is hoped that this will be the first of similar agreements in the future.