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Call for papers: special issue on Designing Intelligent School Buildings: What do we know?

22 March 2013

School buildings are complex, dynamic, socio-technical systems seeking to provide solutions to a multitude of ill-defined and conflicting issues including the basic truth that the built environment is fundamental to the occupants’ sense of well-being and it is the totality of this idea that we need to understand and appreciate.

Past attempts to reduce carbon emissions from existing school buildings and current ongoing efforts to deliver low carbon school buildings conducive to learning have had little success. Reasons for this include a poor understanding of: (a) how to design, engineer and facilitate learning spaces for changing pedagogical practices to support a mass education system, and greater student diversity, (b) how pupils and teachers use energy in school buildings, (c) how pupils and teachers interact with new technology, (d) how they respond to socio-technical energy conservation initiatives, (e) how the overall indoor environment quality affects the learning performance of pupils and productivity of teachers.

The absence of readily available energy use data matched with descriptors of physical form, indoor environment quality parameters, occupant use of space and behaviour affects the accuracy of predicted energy consumption at the design stage and prevents the development of a transparent and validated strategy for modelling energy use in school buildings while providing indoor environment parameters required to provide a conducive learning environment.

Any evidence based paper, which can inform the engineering and design of learning spaces for the future and to facilitate changing pedagogical practices to support a mass higher education system and greater student diversity, will be considered for publication in this special issue.


25th April              Abstract Submission (up to 500 words)
15th May               Abstract Notification
01st August          Full Paper Submission
01st October       Final Acceptance Notification

The abstracts should be sent to Dr Dejan Mumovic. The full paper submission will be processed via Intelligent Buildings International webpage (please notify the Guest Editor).

Editor in Chief: Professor Derek Clements Croome

Guest Editor: Dr Dejan Mumovic