UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Early-stage researchers aiming high

8 May 2018

Researchers representing UCL IEDE attend the Autoreactive Control Strategies (ASC) 2018 winter school in Seville.


The school's main aim was to establish a network between early-stage researchers working in the fields of architecture and the built environment. Two UCL students, Yair Schwartz and Giorgos Petrou, and four academics Dr. Esfandiar Burman, Dr. Dimitrios Rovas, Dr. Phil Symonds and Prof. Dejan Mumovic represented UCL IEDE in the consortium of world-leading universities that participated. The other participating universities were Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), ETH Zurich, University of Seville (US) and Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Mind-mapping session. Photo by Jens Böke.

The winter school was organised by Manuel de-Borja-Torrejón (TUM & US) and Andrea Kaiser (TUM). The two-week schedule included numerous lectures from academics of each university that covered their latest research and inspired the attendees. These were followed by mind-mapping sessions, led by the same academics, with a focus on establishing how the collaboration of these universities can provide answers to key challenges that the European Union may be facing.

A main outcome of this work was the identification of two collaborative research projects, which will be developed in the form of proposals over the next few months and submitted to the European Commission. However, what may be considered invaluable is the experience gained from this school along with the strong network of researchers established.

This news item was contributed by Giorgos Petrou, Doctoral Researcher at LoLo.