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Kentish Town City Farm

This page is a summary of the collaboration between Kentish Town City Farm and UCL postgraduate students and researchers through the Evaluation Exchange.

Farm animals in a star with the words Kentish Town City Farm written next to them

We provide a vital green space for local people to connect with nature. We work with people from different backgrounds in our activities, caring for the animals and the land. Our small staff team and volunteers run activities for older people, young people and early years groups.

How we worked with the Evaluation Exchange

Map of Kentish Town City Farm with lots of animals on it
The aim of our time together was to understand how Kentish Town City Farm serves the local community; and understand how the farm could support environmental education and community wellbeing.

We piloted interactive signs for visitors to tell us about their experience at the farm and what they learnt. An interactive map of the farm was designed to help understand what areas of the farm people enjoy visiting the most. 

Legacy for Kentish Town City Farm

The farm now has creative and funs ways for people visiting to share how they feel about their experience and what they have learnt.

This is useful for the farm because we now have evaluation tools that are really easy to use both for the people visiting the farm and our staff and volunteers. The information we collect through the tools will help us demonstrate our impact which has implications for funding as well as help us continually improve what we offer people visiting. 

Man holding a guinea pig and three women reaching out to stroke it at Kentish Town City farm

Legacy for the students and researchers 

Our time with Kentish Town City Farm has been a great opportunity to learn about a local community organisation and evaluate its work. It has given us a new perspective outside of an academic environment on the importance of reflection, teamwork, and flexibility to adapt and deliver research to best support Kentish Town City Farm’s aims.

Students and researchers involved
  • Kirsty Alexander (Research Fellow, Medical Education)
  • Amanda Clery (PhD student, Child Health)
  • Natasha Hawley (Masters student, Gender and International Development)
  • Sarah Raquq (PhD student, Child Health)
Resources from the collaboration

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