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This page is a summary of the collaboration between Institute of Imagination and UCL postgraduate students and researchers through the Evaluation Exchange.

Small boy gets given some paint by his teacher

The Institute of Imagination (iOi) creates a space for children and young people of all backgrounds to develop their imaginations together.  The goal of the iOi is to spark the imaginations of young audiences through highly interactive events, training, partnerships and research with sciences and digital technologies. 

How we worked with the Evaluation Exchange

Children and adults work on craft projects
The team developed an organisational Theory of Change based on iOi’s new organisational strategy. The team reviewed existing evaluation approaches to help identify a series of core impact measures that could be used alongside the organisation’s new strategy. 

The student and researcher team attended workshops conducted by the iOi and a presentation where the iOi presented its new strategy. The team then used the step-by-step Theory of Change guide by NPC (New Philanthropy Capital) to guide their work. To start the first stage of Theory of Change development, known as a ‘situation analysis’, the team collected information from several of iOi’s strategic documents and organised it on a Miro board. The team then ran a workshop for members of iOi and proposed a series of further exercises to complete the situation analysis.

Legacy for th Institute of Imagination

A draft organisational Theory of Change that will help us begin to describe why and test if our way of working is effective.


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Legacy for the students and researchers

We learnt how to create Theories of Change, as well as the challenges involved in updating an organisational strategy and the issues tackled by the Institute of Imagination’s work. 

We gained experience in facilitating workshops and designing the relevant exercises to develop the Theory of Change.

Students and researchers involved
  • Carlos Gómez del Tronco (PhD student, Islamophobia)
  • Heng Hu (PhD student, Biochemical Engineering)
  • Lydia Mardell (PhD student Neurology)
  • Sue Walters (Senior Lecturer, Education)
Resources from the collaboration

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