UCL Energy Institute


Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN)

13 February 2017


PI – Dr Gill Owen
Project funding in 2011-12 - €210,000 (currently funded until 31 July 2012; has been funded since 2005 – previously based at Warwick Business School) 

The Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) is a project funded by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP). Key project activities include researching policies and regulation for renewable energy and energy efficiency in a wide range of countries, creating a database of such information, producing more detailed case studies and assessments of policies. In addition the project has produced a number of literature reviews, and organises training events and seminars for regulators and policy makers.


Dr Gill Owen

Xavier Lemaire


Policy and regulatory review – details of policies and regulation affecting sustainable energy in more than 160 countries with a focus on developing countries

Country reviews of China and India – overall policy and information for each province (China) and each state (India)

Training course on regulation for sustainable energy for African regulators

Energy efficiency reviews – summary information on main energy efficiency policies in 40 countries

Literature reviews on : off-grid energy, energy efficiency and DSM


Contributing to the growing mainstreaming of energy efficiency and renewable energy concerns amongst energy regulators. Capacity building on mechanisms for sustainable energy regulation with regulators and policy makers in developing countries. For example, the project worked with an Indian organisation to help implement renewable energy policy in an Indian state.