UCL Energy Institute


Flexible Research Project for the ETI's ESME Model

13 February 2017


Principal Investigator - Neil Strachan
Duration of the project - 30 Months
Sponsor - Energy Technologies Institute

Research part 1 on the iterative assessment, testing and exploration of the ETI’s ESME Energy Systems model involves three key elements:

1. Testing of optimisation under probabilistic inputs:

2. Comparison of national vs. spatially disaggregated outcomes:

3. Exploration of differences in ESME between year 2050 and full pathway optimisation:

Research part 2 addresses a key methodological extension identified for ESME in Demand and Behaviour. Specifically this focuses on the role of people in the demands for energy services, and in the uptake and implication of energy efficiency and other new technology options. This methodological extension has the following elements:

  • Demands would be made price variant:
  • Demands, and demand parameters would be characterized and extrapolated using ESME probabilistic formulation;
  • The realistic uptake of technologies would include the inclusion of market barriers with associated costs/benefits.


Neil Strachan


An independent assessment and application of the ETI ESME energy systems model.

State-of-the-art development of the integration of demand and supply responses in systems responses to long-term energy decarbonisation and energy security challenges.


Energy Systems Modelling Environment (ETI website)