UCL Energy Institute


Development of the UK TIMES energy system model

29 November 2016


Sponsor: UKERC
Duration: 1 year from July 2012
PI: Paul Ekins

The UK MARKAL energy system model has underpinned UK decarbonisation pathways research and policy analysis for the last 10 years.

This project is developing a new UK energy system model, UK TIMES, to replace UK MARKAL. UK TIMES will represent all UK greenhouse gas emissions for the first time.  It will bring together a large number of UK MARKAL updates that have been produced from UKERC and other projects over the last few years.  The model will be transparent and fully documented. The targeted completion date of the first version is April 2013.

The model will first be used to repeat the UKERC scenarios that were examined using UK MARKAL and have recently been published in a UKERC research report.


Anticipated outputs include a new UK model, a UKERC research report and journal papers.