UCL Energy Institute


Incorporating equity into sustainability assessments of biofuels


6 May 2015

This paper summarises the evidence regarding the impact of biofuels on equity, before going on to examine the equity dimensions of the most commonly used, formal methods of biofuel sustainability assessments - the EU's voluntary certification schemes. Although there has been an increased focus on the ethical dimensions of biofuels in the academic literature, equity does not yet feature in a robust way in these forms of sustainability appraisal and therefore the extent to which poverty or social inequalities are reduced or exacerbated for those affected remain unknown. It is suggested that the inclusion of multiple voices and perspectives within sustainability assessments are likely to help fill this 'equity void' and deliver more sustainable and equitable outcomes for people affected.

Incorporating equity into sustainability assessments of biofuels. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 14 180-186. 

Blaber-Wegg, T., Hodbod, J., Tomei, J. (2015)

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